Work in Decathlon

Decathlon was founded in 1976 in Englos, near Lille in France and owned 1388 stores in 42 countries.

we have nearly 92,000 teammates worldwide, united around two shared values: Vitality and Responsibility.

Producing and distributing our own products allow us to make them affordable for everyone everywhere in world.

To create 2,800 new products a year on average, it takes many ideas. This is how Decathlon innovates: We put the user at the center of our approach and with the help of Our 30 internal laboratories, employing more than 150 engineers, we test each year several thousand products. As part of the same approach, the company advocates exceptional service that accompanies the user from the first experience until forever…

Decathlon’s main mission is to make sport.
accessible to as many people as possible.

Decathlon Israel

We launched our first store – Rishon Lezion in 2017 with big excitement and extraordinary demand from the Israeli public.
In 2018, we rented a logistics warehouse in Ashdod to meet all your demands, and these days (2020) we are working on a new logistics warehouse in Caesarea.

Today, we have 4 stores across the country (Rishon LeZion, Haifa-Kiryat, Tel Aviv and Netanya) and a website that launched in 2019.
The website offering the range of devices available in stores. furthermore, a service that allows free pickup from the stores or home delivery.

During 2020, we’re working on opening more new stores for example: in Gan Shmuel and Be’er Sheva.

Why work in Decathlon

In Decathlon we believe that if you choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!

We aspire that each of the employees in the various sports departments will engage the sport to which he belongs in order to have satisfaction and provide excellent service to our users.

We are an exceptional non hierarchical organization, that means that everyone has his own influence area, and makes all the decisions around it. This approach enables us to give each and every employee a personal and unique opportunity for personal development, with the help of a coach and trainings from the best professionals in the world.

If you are passionate about sport and interested on working in a sporty environment that combine practice among work, if you enjoy varied work and want to be part of something huge, THIS IS YOUR PLACE.

“It’s fun to work at Decathlon because it has good vibes, wise and reasonable management, it feels like working abroad. The work environment is very organized and computerized, and it strengthens my work order skills. When you start working here, you take projects that you see fit and promote them on your own.”
Dvir Gvili
(Expert Skateboard skater) Skateboard Sport Leader
“Working at Decathlon is simply fun and a great experience. We are like a big family and everyone works in the sports department of their personnel practice so that we can help the users the best way. If you like sport, I recommend you work here because of the experience and the conditions.”
Yael Avitan
(Advanced Table Tennis player) Table Tennis Sport Leader
“Decathlon is not a regular workplace, here everyone is responsible for a certain sport from A-Z. Therefore, each one is significant and can contribute far beyond and be compensated accordingly. Most importantly, the store has amazing people and a great atmosphere, the big plus is that there is a gym in the store itself for the store employees. Anyone who is passionate about sport – belongs with us!”
Yamit Moalem
(Advanced Snorkeling user) Diving Sport Leader
“The work at Decathlon is interesting because the store unites all sports under one roof and as one who loves sports and engage in various sports, I can always find new things that can contribute to me. I recommend you work here because it is the only job where you can engage in sports while working.”
Dan Bassa
(Advanced Cyclist) Trail Cycle Sport Leader
“I love to work at Decathlon because there are a lot of personal possibilities to develop, to learn new things and to grow up in my position, I feel that Decathlon gives me a platform to show my abilities and to prove myself and I have a team that are fun to work with. I can say my biggest achievement so far is that I fulfilled my dream and started practicing Pilates.”
Alyona Daich
(advanced Pilates user) Pilates Sport Leader

“This place is different from other places, it empowers me and makes me feel very vital. I started working here as a Sports Leader with a background in retail, and today I am a Store Leader in Tel Aviv. I am happy to get up for work every morning. There are great people in Decathlon who became good friends”

Maor Sason
Decathlon Store Leader Tel Aviv.