Construction Leader

full time job
All sport
Buisness development
Part of the Decathlon development team, I am in charge of the construction aspect of the stores opening.

Job description:

  • To prepare with the Expansion Manager all the technical files related to the feasibility studies such as cost estimate, macro-schedule, prior to the investment decision.
  • In case of any lease project, to ensure that the project specifications will match with our standard specifications and requirements.
  • Responsibility to validate all the files related to the required permits and ensure that the final forecasted cost is in line with the initial estimated cost, allocated by the Investment Committee.
  • To select and manage the external Project Manager if any . To make sure that the detailed project documentation issued by the Project Manager is meeting our expectations in terms of design and cost.
  • To supervise the tender process in accordance with our internal policy and to select the contractors.
  • During the construction stage, to make sure that the works are carried out smoothly, safely and as per the local regulations.
  • To organize a formal hand-over with landlords in leasing projects and an internal handover with the store manager.
  • To prepare the documentation for obtaining the Business Licence, the signage permits and to always make sure that such Licences and permits are in place.
  • To close properly the case, including a proper archiving of all the files related to the project.
  • During the first-year warranty, to be the main point of contact to settle any issue with contractors and to deal with all the maintenance related topics.
  • Organization of the bidding process to select the external Project Manager and signature of the Project Management Agreement.

Job requirements:

  • Passion and engagement for sport
  • Strategic thinker and well organized
  • Assertiveness and negotiation abilities
  • Well communicator and problem solving orientation
  • Understanding of the Decathlon concept and standard specifications.
  • Understanding of the local regulations and needed permits to open a new store.
  • Knowing how to prepare a detailed project schedule and how to meet the deadlines and P&L.
  • Know-how to fill a bill of quantities in order to issue a detailed cost estimation.
  • Experience in Tender evaluation and contract awards
  • Experience in Validation of all the permits files submitted to the authorities
  • Experience in On-site construction management
  • 3-5 years experience in similar position